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By Pei J., Zhang X.

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Holotype, no. ru/ Vol. 36 Suppl. 2 2002 EARLY CARBONIFEROUS ECHINODERMS OF THE MOSCOW REGION sure 9d, Bed 40, marl; Serpukhovian Stage, Lower Ser­ pukhovian Substage, Steshev Horizon (lower part). Plate same locality; (8) no. 1557/519, cirral (8a) articular facet view; (8b) side view; x7; the same locality; (9) no. 1557/93, articular facet; x7; the same locality. 13 Fig. 4. Inclarocrinus inclarus Arendt, gen. et sp. ; holo­ type, no. 1557/525, column fragment of six columnals: (4a) articular facet view; (4b) side view, in the narrowest part (seen opposite is an ornamentation in the form of belts); x7; quarry near the town of Tarusa, Exposure 9, Bed 22; Serpukhovian Stage, Lower Serpukhovian Substage, Tarusa Horizon.

Some of them bear fairly wide depressed zones located between the neighboring growth lines; in this case, the ornamentation of the deltoid plates is poorly developed, which can probably be explained by the lack of carbon­ ate material during the growth. Many specimens almost lack ornamentation on the distal margins of the radials, and some specimens almost lack growth ridges but have, instead, tubercles. Sometimes, poorly developed ridges are located in parallel with the upper margins of plates.

Platycrinites spinifer Arendt, sp. ; (7) paratype, no. 1557/500, turning columnal of the juvenile specimen, as viewed from the articular facet, x8; town of Tarusa, Ignatova Gora quarry, Exposure 9d, Bed 40; Ser­ pukhovian Stage, Lower Serpukhovian Substage, Steshev Horizon (lower part); (8) holotype, no. 1557/512, columnal, as viewed from the articular facet, x8; the same locality. Plate 6 Fig. 1. Rhabdocrinus vatagini Arendt, 1962; holotype, no. 5: (la) external view, basals AB and BC and radials A and B (with fused lower bra­ chials) and C; (lb) inside view; (lc) radials and brachials, top view; (Id-lf) different articulation types of basals AB; town of Tarusa, Ignatova Gora quarry, Exposure 9d, Bed 40; Serpukhovian Stage, Lower Serpukhovian Substage, Ste­ shev Horizon (lower part).

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