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3 1 2 4 Tighten in the following order:1, 2, 3, 4. Optimum spin speed: 500 to 700 rpm. 8 Nm. 2-26 January 2003 Technical Manual LAUL Immediately after the first cycle, re-tighten all screws in the same order, with the same torque. 10. Repeat steps 8 through 9 to mount the second cable. 3 1 2 2 4 11. Put the bracket in place on the assembly and secure it with six M4×10 screws and lockwashers smeared with Loctite 242 screwlock. 1 Nm. 1 Nm) Grounding nuts with washers (4 Nm) 12. Mount the grounding nuts, lubricated with red Aqualub grease or equivalent.

1CCE079119 includes 1C40077990 plus FDU board (1C40077048) and mounting plate (751076834). 0311404 2-5 2 Field equipment maintenance FDU FDU disassembly instructions 1. Remove the grounding nut and grounding clamp. Grounding nut Grounding clamp WARNING If you remove both cables assemblies, you will have to replace the Oring located between the housing and the mounting plate when you reassemble the unit. 2. Remove the four screws securing each cable connect assembly and unplug the two cable connectors.

2-30 January 2003 Technical Manual LAUX LAUX re-assembly instructions 1. The LPX and LIPX boards are assumed assembled as shown on the photo below. 1 Nm) LIPX board Machined face of metal plate should be on this side LPX board The M4×8 screws should be locked with a dab of screwlock. The shock absorbers should be tightened manually. 9 Nm) LINE J2 XDEV J7 2. Make sure the desiccator retainer plate is in place (with two desiccators) in the lid. The ground leads from the POWER connectors should be tied to the desiccator retainer plate.

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408UL Manuals - V7.1 - Issue 05-2003 - 408tech

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