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72. l forms, in sound, heat, light, electric, or magnetic effects, or in chemical action or molecular or atomic changes. In most cases the tracing of all the changes is a difficult matter. For example, a cannon ball receives energy from the work done by the powder gases as they expand forcing the ball from the gun. As it travels it is resisted by the air, losing kinetic energy exactly equivalent to the heat energy developed by friction in the air. On striking the target, sound waves earry off a small part of the energy, there may also be a.

27. must be applied in the vertical line AB, so situated that Mx = my. But AB intersects at P the line joining the two masses, dividing it into the two segments a and b which, by similar triangles, are in the same ratio as x and y, and consequently a: b:: M: m; and since this ratio does not depend on the inclination of the line joining M and m, it follows that the balancing force must pass through the point P whatever the inclination may be. A P is, therefore, the center of gravity of M m and m.

The moments about Pare 3XO- 0) -ZX1 .. - Z +5XZ-+1O Sum _ - 4 counter-dockwise. -4X3=-12 therefore. to produce equilibrium the applied force 2 must produce a clockwise moment 4. Since it must also act upward, it must be applied at a distance 2 to the left of P, and consequently the bar must be extended 2 feet in that direction. me condusion is reached taking moments about some point such as C. 57. -If in the case just treated the upward force 4 is changed to 6, we have a case that calls for special consideration.

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