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Download e-book for iPad: A Galapagos Island Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

ISBN-10: 0822576139

ISBN-13: 9780822576136

Welcome to the Gal?pagos Islands! As you keep on with a direction throughout the black lava rock on one of many islands, you'll listen the ocean lions barking or the hum of a white-lined sphinx moth flying prior your head. The Gal?pagos Islands are vigorous, from a big tortoise trudging towards a cactus patch to a Gal?pagos barn owl gliding within the air, able to grab up a Santa Fe rice rat. Day and evening within the Gal?pagos Islands, the quest is directly to locate foodstuff - and to prevent changing into a person else's subsequent meal. all of the dwelling issues are hooked up to each other in a foodstuff chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and bug to animal. What direction will you are taking to stick with the nutrition chain in the course of the islands? Will you . . . move fishing with a blue-footed booby? Snack on a few crabs with a Gal?pagos sea lion? Dive lower than the reef looking for algae with a marine iguana? stick to all 3 chains and plenty of extra in this who-eats-what event!

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62 Stewart, Paul D. Galápagos: The Islands That Changed the World. DVD. London: BBC Warner, 2007. Tagliaferro, Linda. Galápagos Islands: Nature’s Delicate Balance at Risk. Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century Books, 2001.

A Sally Lightfoot crab. To see what another Sally Lightfoot crab is up to, turn to page 58. Re d B o o b y, B lu e B o o by Th e blue-footed aren’t th e only boobies of the Galápagos. The isl ands are also home to the red-footed and masked boobies. But the blue-footed boobie s probably were the first boobies on the isl ands. They fish from the sea and make thei r nests directly on the ground. They were ab le to live on the islan d even when it was just rock. The red-footed and masked boobies, on the other hand, ne ed trees and bushes to m ake their nests.

Its beak poop a lot. The is meant for soft fruit, but parents clean up it’s strong enough for the by carrying all the occasional insect snack. poop out of the nest each day. After about two weeks, the babies are big enough that the mom leaves. Sometimes she’ll even start a new family with a different dad. But the dad finch will still watch over his nestlings. Eventually, after two more weeks, the babies are grown up enough to be on their own. And then, sometimes, the first male finch even goes to help out with the mom’s new family!

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