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By Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade

ISBN-10: 057805955X

ISBN-13: 9780578059556

With either cookbook-style examples and in-depth verification history, beginner and specialist verification engineers will locate info to ease their adoption of this rising Accellera typical.

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2). These can be made more easily handleable by suspending them in binders or forming them into sheet with 38 Brazing Filler Metals plastic, from which preforms can be manufactured. However, because of the packing characteristics of the powders, the density is only approximately one-third of that of the solid alloy, and this must be taken into account when calculating filler metal volumes. The manufacturers of nickel-based filler metal have shown considerable ingenuity in suspending the powders in a carrier which remains fluid for some considerable time.

They can be used to braze materials containing aluminium and titanium additives which are notoriously difficult to "wet", and they can readily be fabricated into wire and sheet. 4 Copper Copper is used extensively for controlled atmosphere brazing of mild and low alloy steels. The grade of copper is not critical, but best results will be achieved with the electrolytic quality. If arsenic or phosphorus is present to any extent, then brittle compounds may be formed with the ferritic parent materials, reducing the mechanical strength of the brazed joint.

HTB-E 50 Furnaces FIG. ) the order of 6 mm. For complex operations the coil design and the associated power source become complicated and expensive. 10 demonstrates a work head incorporating two pancake coils and the protective atmosphere. This coil was used for brazing pipe joints in the Apollo moon shot capsules. The water supply to the coils passed through the hinged joint of the tool. The cover gas used in this case was argon. The time to brazing temperature was 30 sec and the filler metal used was gold/nickel at 1050°C.

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A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) by Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade

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