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R. Glyde: Phys. Rev. B 18, 1133 (1978). 64. R. Verbeni, A. Cunsolo, G. Pratesi, G. Monaco, F. Rosica, C. Masciovecchio, M. Nardone, G. Ruocco, F. Sette: Phys. Rev. E 64, 021203 (2001). 42 Ralph O. Simmons 65. O. Simmons: ‘Synchrotron radiation experiments on single crystals of helium’. In: Erforschung der Dynamik kondensierter Materie mit Syncrhrotronstrahlung, ed. by E. Burkel and W. Sch¨ ulke (Univ. Rostok, Rostock 1998), Vol. II, pp. E6/1–20 66. C. O. Simmons, H. A. Arms, E. Burkel:(to be published).

68, 125 (1987). The One- and Two-Body Densities of Crystalline Matter and Bragg and Diffuse Scattering of Neutrons and X-Rays Klaus A. O. Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD, United Kingdom Abstract. This work presents a theoretical treatment of the Bragg and diffuse scattering of an incident double-beam of neutrons or X-rays from crystalline matter. The incoming double-beam is a linear superposition of two plane waves with the same energy. It is shown that the total Bragg plus diffuse scattering differential cross section is a sum of terms stemming from the scattering of the two individual plane waves in the incoming double-beam and of terms originating in the interference of the scattering of the two superimposed incident plane waves.

1, 3, 4, and 6, in which the general analytical results derived for the one- and two-body densities within a framework of crystallographic point and space group theory are specialized to crystallographic space group P63 mmc (D6h in Schoenflies notation), which is the space group of the hcp structure. In specific numerical FPIMC applications [3,4,6] to rare gas crystals in the hcp solid phase numerical results for the local one- and two-body densities have been computed along with the macroscopic thermodynamic kinetic, potential, and total energies.

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