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This e-book, the 1st English-language translation of Acoustique des tools de musique, moment Edition, provides the mandatory foundations for figuring out the advanced actual phenomena curious about musical tools. what's the functionality of the labium in a flute? Which good points of an software let us make a transparent audible contrast among a clarinet and a trumpet? With assistance from a number of examples, those questions are addressed intimately. The authors concentration specifically at the major effects acquired within the box over the last fifteen years. Their aim is to teach that ordinary actual versions can be utilized with profit for varied functions in sound synthesis, software making, and sound recording. The e-book is essentially addressed to graduate scholars and researchers; but it may be of curiosity for engineers, musicians, craftsmen, and track fans who desire to find out about the fundamentals of musical acoustics.

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In theory, this tensor should have 34 D 81 distinct components. However, if we recall that and " are symmetrical, it reduces to 36, which is the maximum number of independent components for A. Because of additional energetic considerations, this number is reduced to 21 in the case of an anisotropic material [8]. Finally, taking also the symmetry of the material into account allows to reduce again the number of elasticity components. Isotropic Material In an isotropic material, all directions are equivalent.

This is also the case for the acoustic velocity. Therefore, in one dimension, the general solution for both the potential and velocity has an expression similar to Eq. 112). For the outgoing wave, we have @f C =@t D c@f C =@x, and we deduce p D cvx . The quantity p=v is the specific acoustic impedance, which, for p both waves, is called the characteristic impedance. It is equal to ZS D c D = S, 1 Continuous Models 39 p while c D 1= and S , is S . The pair of parameters of our fluid-spring system, equivalent to another pair, which characterizes a plane traveling wave: the speed of sound c and the specific characteristic impedance, or impedance of the medium, ZS .

Woodhouse and colleagues have shown that these vibrations, particularly through their dissipative function, have an important role in the stability of the motion of the bowed string [23, 56, 57] (see Chap. 11). To model torsional vibrations, we consider the simple case of a cylinder with a circular cross-section of radius a (see Fig. 9). 18 A. Chaigne and J. Kergomard q a x Fig. 9 (Left) Torsional motion of a marimba bar. Such a motion, which can be musically very annoying, often appears when a bar with an undercut is struck near the edge.

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