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Or to take sth. , to do sth. ”: Auramazd˝ m˝m D˝rayavaum xπ˝yaƒiyam akunauπ hau-m˝ draujanam naiy akunauπ “Ahuramazd˝ made me, Darius, king. ” 3. ” 4. ” XL araπn^π barπn˝ ... XX araπn^π barπn˝ “forty cubits in depth, twenty cubits in depth” (DSf 26-27) 5. as the direct object of agent nouns and in impersonal verbal and nominal constructions, see lesson 6; 6. ” up˝ A˘rtaxπaç˝m “under Artaxerxes” Auramazd˝ ... xraƒum ut˝ aruvastam upariy D˝rayavaum xπ˝yaƒiyam niyasaya “Ahuramazd˝ ... ” D˝rayavauπ ...

It cannot be determined from the spelling whether the endings had short or long ˘. If m˝ha≥y˝ “of the month” is a fem. ^-stem, as is probable, the fact that the vowel was not written after the h may provide an indication that it was short (but there are no other words with h^). The attested forms are: 18 Recently, R. Schmitt proposed that the forms in -^y should be read as -iya and be the nom. sing. ” 57 July 31, 2005 LESSON 7 Sing. nom. acc. -dat. Plur. nom. acc. -dat. i-stems masc. ^-stems fem.

Note that the Old Persian orthography does not allow us to verify whether the ¨ was in fact long or whether it had been shortened, so that the forms coincided with those of the u-stems. PRONOUNS. THE ACCUSATIVE. The accusative of adam “I” is m˝m “me,” enclitic -m˝ (-m˝m). Note: enclitic means that a word is unstressed and can not stand alone, but must be attached to the preceding word. An enclitic word can therefore never stand at the beginning of a clause. Two enclitics are also possible (m˝-taya-m˝m “not-that-me” = “that ...

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