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By Christina Wilsdon

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Bugs that seem like leaves, snakes that play lifeless, fish that fly, and toads with toxic dermis - those animals are one of the creatures that safeguard themselves in attention-grabbing methods. nearly each animal is hunted as nutrition by way of another type of animal and has constructed how one can shield itself opposed to predators. "Animal Defenses" provides the wide range of actual and behavioral variations utilized by animals of their fight to outlive and indicates how scientists proceed to make new discoveries concerning the age-old maneuvering among predator and prey.

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Escape Artists 31 A juvenile emperor angelfi sh has an eyespot near its tail, which makes a predator focus on the wrong end. Juvenile emperor angelfish, another coral-reef species, are covered with loops of white and light blue on a dark background. These loops swirl around a large eyespot near the angelfish’s tail, while its actual eyes disappear among the stripes on its head. A predator’s gaze is naturally pulled to the wrong end. Insects also use eyespots in their deflection displays. These eyespots are always visible, not like the eyespots used to startle predators.

The iron-cross blister beetle, for example, has a black body, red head, and yellow wing covers marked with black bands. Like other blister beetles, it oozes irritating oil when seized by a predator. The oil causes blisters to form on the predator’s skin. Another noxious animal, the koppie foam grasshopper of South Africa, is black with red stripes. If it is attacked, a smelly, Bad smells, Bad tastes, and powerful poisons 59 poisonous foam bubbles from its body. The foam not only makes the grasshopper taste bad, but it also is strong enough to kill a dog.

If threatened, it tucks its head between its front legs. This makes a large, spiky bump on its neck stick out—a bump that looks like an even more unappetizing head than the lizard’s actual one. Just as prickly are the horned lizards of dry lands and deserts in parts of Mexico and the southwestern United States. A This thorny devil shows off its spikes of many sizes as it walks along a street in the Northern Territory, Australia. Animal Armor 43 horned lizard has spines running down its sides, back, and tail.

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